How seasonal changes in weather affect blood pressure

Many factors such as lifestyle, exercise, food and fluids that we take, but also by climate changes affect the results of blood pressure measurements. Can cold weather and climate changes affect blood pressure? Generally blood pressure is higher in the winter. That’s because low temperatures narrows the blood vessels that results in necessity of a greater load

Hypotension – how to recognize it and what measures you should take

People with low blood pressure rarely feel symptoms except tiredness and lack of concentration. These symptoms however are not entirely harmless and can be reviewed as potential treat for vital organs, even though many people believe that low blood pressure is a precondition for longer life, because it prevents heart attack and stroke. Low levels

How to take care of our blood pressure during the autumn

  The blood pressure levels are influenced by variety of factors including the atmospheric pressure and the cold weather. During autumn the risks for people with cardiovascular diseases increase.  In some cases those risks are related with blood pressure rising, while in others the tendency is opposite. The cold weather causes peripheral vascular stages, which

How to Measure Blood Pressure Properly at Home?

Blood pressure values are influenced not only by human age and health condition, but also by factors directly related to the momentary physical activity, emotional condition, ambient temperature. That is why there should be considered some small rules for blood pressure measurement. What to do in order to measure the blood pressure properly. Measurement of