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Sendo Advance 3

Digital blood pressure monitor with HIRA technology

  • Heartbeat Irregularity Rate Analysis
  • Clinically validated to latest protocols
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Easy to Use - With Only One Button
  • Cuff fit error: Warning for cuff fit error


Accuracy comes home: SENDO ADVANCE 3. Now featuring cutting-edge Japanese technology HIRA

SENDO ADVANCE 3 is our new premium digital blood pressure monitor. Designed for measurement at the biceps, it is produced to the highest manufacturing standards to provide long-term monitoring of the cardiovascular system. The key features of SENDO ADVANCE 3 are:

New HIRA technology for irregular heartbeat detection and categorization

  • New HIRA feature for irregular heartbeat detection and categorization
  • Cuff-fit error indicator
  • Allergen-free cuff
  • Convenient protective carrying case

Designing a blood pressure monitor as innovative as SENDO ADVANCE 3 would have been impossible without the Japanese tradition in building electronic blood pressure monitors.

Our team of Japanese engineers, the true pioneers of electronic blood pressure measurement, has been developing and improving measurement technology over the last 40 years. The latest result of their work is SENDO ADVANCE 3, a device which has redefined the concept of home blood pressure monitoring with its extraordinary accuracy, long-term reliability and superb, single-button usability.

HIRA, or Heartbeat Irregularity Rate Analysis

The technology behind the HIRA function detects and analyses irregular cardiac rhythms. Once taken, every irregular heartbeat reading is stored in the monitor’s memory. As soon as a history of several (7) readings is accumulated, HIRA will evaluate every next reading, rate its irregularity as one of four predefined levels and issue an according advisory message on the display.

HIRA indicates 4 stages of this condition, depending on gravity:

  • Level 0: No indication.
  • Level 1: Low – Occasional occurance of IHB. Check regularly.
  • Level 2: High – Medical consultation is recommended.
  • Level 3: Dangerous – Urgent visit to the doctor is recommended.



Clinically validated in accordance with ESH (European Society of Hypertension) protocols

With the increasing availability of automated devices for blood pressure monitoring, one needs to be sure that such devices have been evaluated according to the agreed clinical criteria.

The precision and reliability of SENDO ADVANCE 3 have been validated by the European Society of Hypertension in accordance with their latest protocols.

Increased accuracy through decreased human error

The proper placement and fastening of the cuff, as well as sitting still, are essential to taking an accurate reading. Both are now easier to achieve by minimizing human error with two of the latest innovations from the engineers of SENDO Advance 3: the cuff-fit error indicator and the motion error indicator.



High-quality materials for a more durable, safer blood pressure monitor

The new carrying case of SENDO Advance 3 is made of special protective foam overlaid with eco leather. The compact, streamlined design of the case and hi-tech, environmentally-friendly materials help protect the device and increase its durability. The all-new, allergen-free cuff is manufactured with similarly innovative latex- and metal-free raw materials to accommodate even the most sensitive of skin types.

SENDO ADVANCE 3: a monitoring upgrade for the cardiovascular system

Now featuring HIRA technology, clinically tested quality and excellent customer service

The standard SENDO ADVANCE 3 cuff is designed for а 22-32 cm biceps circumference. If you require a different size cuff (32-45 cm), we can replace it with the size required at absolutely no additional cost (limited to available stock).

Further information about warranty, usage or features is available via our contact form and the customer phone line.